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Energy resources – The crying need of this century

Can you think about a day going to your office by cycle? Can you think about a night sleeping in your sweet home without a fan? Can you think about going on a vacation with your family or friends bare-footed? The straight answer to these questions are NO. Yes that is true you cannot think a single day which is out of energy resources.

The energy resources are said to be the most vital resources and most talkative issue of the present century. It is the significant element based upon which modern world has presented its amenities.

Every drop counts…..

The resource of energy is presented by the god for this world at a limited number. At present we are using energy at the highest number. The dependability of human on energy resources has emerged epidemically then it ever did. We cannot think even one day, not even a minute without these resources. Analysts predict that if the situation doesn’t change its track the day is not far when these resources will diminish.

The uprising consumption of energy does not only possess a threat to the energy reserve but also harms the global environment. Because of this the global surface is getting hotter day by day and the total environment is heating up. This may cause some greater disasters. Some sign of these are already seen by us.

Some forecasters believe that the third world war will held between the countries on the basis of energy resources. Predicting these from before many developed countries in the world are already in a race to preserve energy as before it shrinks. These things are making the crisis larger than before. We can see a uprising trend in the value of energy resources for last few years. These things are also making the livable cost of people higher to highest.

Can we look for an substitute???

Realizing the consequences of resource less world scientist has concentrated on looking for alternative ways of energy resources. After many years of research and development they have developed wind energy, solar energy, water energy to run through the every day human life. They have turned the unlimited resources to limited energy resources. But the use of these resources is still not widespread. Still now we have to depend on our regular energy resources. So scientists are still progressing on, how to utilize the energy resources to contribute more in the factor of productions? How to ensure a proper utilization to produce a greater factor of production?

We must understand the value of this unlimited resource – Energy. God has provided us this wealth, we shouldn’t be spendthrift in using this gift. We must think about our next generation. How could they survive in this world with all the modern amenities but without a simple drop of energy? How can we do this to our Childs? We must be cautious about slaying our resources. A single drop of these resources, a single caution less behavior may endanger our species, may put this world to an end.

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