2011 Citroen C4 review – photos and video

2011 Citroen C4

Citroen C4 review

What you actually expect from a car? Its outlook, interior or exterior settings, Power to blow out the road or the durability? What is, if any cars offer you with more then you expect? New Citroen c4 marks the road with your all yearning and expectation. It entitles the most updated version then before. With holding all the previous dilemma and customers complaint Citroen C4 reveals its presence in the road to win over the heart of the customers.

Citroen comes with a standard Interior design and unique exterior surroundings. The new conversion of the design by the engineers makes Citroen more spacious and family friendly car then before. The dimension of Citroen is 4.33 Meter long, 1.79 meter wide and 1.49 meter in height. It gets 5 cm longer, 2 cm wider and 3 cm higher altitudes then it precedent version. The boot turns to a square shape with more spacious and easy loading solution.

Citron has a wider range of customized product to offer his customers. The Australian version offers eight different designs and manuals. It includes two petrol of 88 and 112kw, one diesel and 82 KW turbo diesels. The diesel will occupy with two gearboxes, one is six speeds manual and six speed robo manual. All the diesel system will include a micro hybrid auto start and stop system.

Though having all modern equipments and amenities the car is made to be fuel efficient by the engineers. Te design of the car is more aerodynamic than before which have energy saving tires and unexpectedly lower weights which is a contribution of using light weight materials in designing the car. The car is also said to be environment friendly as 15% of the materials used for building this car came from sustainable sources.

In addition to the prevailing automotive the new Citroen offers with extra relaxing and on board facilities. Boarding on Citroen has developed immeasurably that only the boarder can counts. The comfortable seat, royal interior design and auto adjustability of the air conditioned feature makes journey more congenial than ever. It enables the honorable users to finely adjust the color of the driving display. Some models of Citroen offer massage function in the front seat which makes it versatile to its design.

The Managing director of Citroen Corporation is very much optimistic with the new Citroen in their portfolio of products. She wants to state the car as a blessing optimization in this century. In a press briefing Linda said “The C4 is a very significant member of the range of vehicles we are launching”.

Safety issue has widely been considered in the new Citroen C4. the engineering team has included six airbags, ECS, Hill-start function and Emergency Break facilities in this new car. These advanced safety features makes this car won a rating of 5 out of 5 by EURO NCAP.

Citroen C4 video :

Considering all the features and specifications some experienced car driver extremely recommended The Citroen. According to the innovating team Citroen offers you something more than we offers. Discover The offers that a Citroen C4 is offering you by checking this out now!!!

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  1. Mike says:

    I am considering buying the Citroren C4 for a driving school car, this has given me so more info to help make a decision, so many thanks.

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