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Chevrolet Sony 2012Why to buy a used car?
Are you ready to check out a new car which trim our dreams and with modernized with all new amenities? Then Find out our new Chevrolet Sonic 2012. It is the most new and exceptional version been invented by Chevrolet ever. This is not just a car but a vision that you ever dreamt for, the target that we ever though to be achieved. Its European styling body finish, uplifting performance, 138 horsepower 1.4l turbocharged superficial engine lets you surf through the myth of riding in the bliss. With our new Sonic you just not take your passion to the road but also with the advanced driving technologies lets you ride with the safest satisfaction.

When we are saying about turbo boost engine the first thing that appears on your mind is performance. And yes, performance has widely been considered in designing the new Chevrolet Sonic. With our car you can feel triumphant on the road. The 1.8l engine erupts 138 super horsepower torque which lets you drive like a dream. This fabulous experience you get with an additional fuel efficiency feature which is unique for a power car like Sonic 2012. The new technology called variable valve timing (VVV) has been added with Sonic which makes it to run fuel efficiently.

While driving its important how it actually feels to you rather than other issues like safety and measurement. The new sonic is designed with advanced driving technologies that lets you drive like a car and sound like a bike. The dual cockpit design lets you have a sporty tone. You can have your driving experience more fanatic with heated front bucket seats, with leather coated steering on LTZ model specially. The more you drive the more you discovers what sonic actually brought for you.

What a car values to you if you don’t have the perfect multimedia settings withhold in it? Chevrolet has not named the car just to make it look like a car. It is something more to offer you with. The sonic gets some more advanced and acumen multimedia settings installed in it. Bluetooth, wireless audio streaming steep up your driving experience more than the average. There are many customized package to offer in our sonic car models. If you choose some packages you can get up to 6 speakers with audio CD player, Mp3 player, USB port, an audio jack and more. Listening in a sonic is more better as it includes a 130 channeled stereo sounded radio installed for you. So why are you waiting anymore?

The sonic yields a more comfortable and secure driving by its advanced driving control technologies. Driving in Sonic is more secured than any other model in Chevrolet. The engineering team has installed Standard Stabili Track, electronic Stabili features and ABS traction control which makes a care ultimately safe and sound to drive. The Stabili track features lets you track any slip immediately and turn back the car to its exact driving track instantly. So drive Safe, Run Fast & do fun with your new sonic experience.

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