2012 Toyota Sienna Review

Overview of the vehicle

In 2012, Toyota redesigned their Sienna Model to take it to a new height. The car has just been refurbished in the last year. It’s the minivan that has been ranked 7 among the 10 best mini vans in this year. With the more expedient and contented feature the car takes it affordable accommodation in the heart of people.

The current Sienna 2012 left the buyer with a wider range of choices unlike the previous version. It has got a four cylinder engine for those who love fuel efficient cars. The sport tuned suspension lets a driver drive more respectably and responsively. It has got a splitter DVD player for rear seated audience. The rear seats has got lounge chair with extra comfort and bending facilities which any families would adore.

The advanced v6 feature in Toyota sienna lets you accelerate well. It also promises a smooth ride and a four wheel drive. These four wheel drive is optimum for those who rides frequently through snow or rains or hilly roads. It is the most innovative feature for any mini van. Sienna can occupy up to eight people at a row.

The new Sienna comes with a five trim level. Its Base, Le, Se, Xle, and limited. All models in Sienna offer a front wheel drive while Le, XLE and limited offers all wheel drive. All the designs are made to be occupied for 8 persons while the base and limited offers seven passenger accommodations.

Interior of Toyota Sienna
2012 Toyota Sienna interior
The styling of Sienna basically comes from the other versions of Toyota. The total out look is similar to Wagon, the headlights are like Camry. It has an eighteen inch alloy wheel. A roof spoiler has been added and a rear window wiper is also available.

The front seat has been made with special comfort in Sienna to get suitable for long distances. But is misses the superior chairs like its immediate competitor Honda Odyssey. The rear second chair consists of captain’s comfort with an additional optional chair in the middle. That chair also slides. It is perfect when you place your child anywhere and to observe over him.

The usual Sienna offers you with technologies that are usual. It has four speaker stereo sounds with a DVP splitter. It does not offer any windows or I pod connectivity. But if you like to pay some more to customize your Sierra this can be refurbished from the garage. It can be added with Bluetooth and wireless surround sound. A 16.4 inch flipped down display can be added which has a two sided operating system.


To ensure the safety issue in new sienna the engineers has made active the following features:

• Standard & Stability control.
• Seven Airbags
• Active front head rests.
• Four wheel drive.

It scored superior by many insurance authority for its safety measures.

With a more inner wider space it makes Sienna a perfect Mini Van. But it is not that much wide when you want to park it in some squeezed places. Its interior and exterior designs made it perfect to fit easily with any places.

The new Sienna offers you with everything that you may need for your family. Have a perfect family ride with our new inclusion in Toyota’s Family.

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