Ford 2012 Shelby GT500 Review – photos and video

The Ford’s Special motor vehicle Team is now going more for the vehicle 2012 model, they are delivering the eventual race quality seating experience with elective steering for additional driver control.

Ford Shelby GT500 20112

Cars are of varying designs and demonstration. But some cars are never forgettable. It remains on the user mind for an indefinite period. They are supreme with their power, elegant with their design and marvelous with their look. These cars remain a dream to many car lovers or kept him swallowing for infinite period to have these cars. The Ford Shelby is that car which you always cherished for.

The new Ford Shelby GT500 20112 is built with extreme power to fit with racing activities. The 550 horse power mega car defeats all its old rivals and mark the road with its royal supervisory. The seats and steering are designed for driver friendly. The cutioned support in the back seat is designed to support the drivers when on a long stiffed trip. This makes any journey relaxing. According to their chide engineer the car is made to be perfect for long tours as it gives you underlying comfort and extreme speed.

The seats of recaro are made with special vehicle team support along with engineering team Mustang located in North America.

The Ford Shelby-2012 offers customer with an outstanding steering wheel to the drivers for experience a real driving through roughs. A driver who is new even can comply with the steering facilities as it is made adaptable. Moreover the authority allows user to choose steering from a wide pool of steering depending on individuals driving style and choice.

The accessibility to steering wheel facilities was only confined to Mustang series. But The Ford Shelby-2012 also got the advantage of having this adjustable and fashionable. But the support level is low in Ford Shelby than the other Mustang series cars.

The Ford Shelby got one thing unique and special for their customers. The engineers have designed three split modes for these cars so that the customer may choose one corresponding to any situation.

The Shelby is powered by a 5.4 liter supercharged v8 that produces 550 horse power and 510 pound feet of torque. Acceleration is made excellent. The super acceleration can blow you away with 4.4 second required time to hook up the speed level from zero to 60 mile per hour, requiring a time of 12.4 seconds to rise up the meter level at 116 kph. The car is also made to be fuel efficient. In city the rate is 15 mpg, in highway 23 mpg and 17 mpg in combined.
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The too hot price tag of around $50000 dejected many car lovers as it surpassed its immediate rival more than double according to price tag. A Ford Mustang cost around $20,000 with its shabby and rough interior design.

But unlike Mustang Ford Shelby offers more than its price tags. Its supreme design with a thrilling view makes its superior to anyone. Its back seats are more practical than a corvette.

Ford Shelby offers a diverse safety package to its users. It includes disk brakes, traction control, stability control and front seat side airbags.

So, the new Ford Shelby GT-500 got everything that you ever dreamt for. This is the car made with the help of all modern amenities. No doubt, it will be a warm deathbed memory for those blessed to have one.

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