Negative thinking can help you in bussiness ?

negative thinking - half full or half empty ?
If you hear the word “Negative thinking” you will be reviving in your mind that it is a bad habit. Even everyone will give you a free advice regarding not to think negatively. Even we have a theme in our life “Always Be Positive”. Yes that is true, if you really want to achieve something positive you need to be positive first, your vision has to be visit? But a question arrives here first; does thinking positively will eradicate the probability of happening anything negative? Answer is no. Nobody can pursue here that he had no negative effects in his life. So why should not we consider negative aspects in our life from before, so that we can be prepared about.

In Business, Have you ever thought negatively??

The true aspect of negative thinking can be found in a businessman’s life. Every business is meant to be successful. That is the fact; people do businesses to achieve success. No businessman ever desire or expect loss. But do every businesses end up in succeeding? That is a big question indeed.

When you opt to enter in any business, you get suggestion from successful business persons, large business personnel, or just read books on business. The book generally tells you the successful stories of business and so do the successful business personnel also. Considering these suggestions even if you start your business what will you do if you end up loosing in your business? Can you survive from that point on which you don’t have any experience?

So it is always ideal for a businessman to think negatively at the same proportion he thinks positively. It helps him to get prepared well from the early stage of his business life. Negative thinking can help him to tackle any tough situation of his business based on his pre-planned way.

In stock trading, Try to be negative better than you positive…..

What a stock trader do in stock market. He enters his long position in a stock believing that the price will steep up soon. According to his believe he invest his whole in the market. But what will be his situation in adverse condition of the market. You better know adverse condition in stock market is a usual case which might appear at any time. In that case that person will loosen up everything he had.

Trading stock in stock market you should think negatively at the same time you think positively. When entering in a stock you should think the stock is expected to go up, but what will happen if the situation reverse. You should plan accordingly in the stage of harsh situation, to save your money, to save your investment. That’s why you always place a stop loss order which will close your position automatically if the stocks moves reverse to your expectation. Meanwhile you save your investment, you save your family. So negative thinking in stock market helps you in accordance with positive attitudes.

Posing negative attitude does not always harm in your life. It can save your life sometime by getting you additional opportunities to prepare for any harsh situation. A person should always possess some percentage of negative attitudes besides the most considerable positive attitudes in every aspect of his life.

Energy Market means stability and progress planet Earth – invest in energy

Energy resources – The crying need of this century

Can you think about a day going to your office by cycle? Can you think about a night sleeping in your sweet home without a fan? Can you think about going on a vacation with your family or friends bare-footed? The straight answer to these questions are NO. Yes that is true you cannot think a single day which is out of energy resources.

The energy resources are said to be the most vital resources and most talkative issue of the present century. It is the significant element based upon which modern world has presented its amenities.

Every drop counts…..

The resource of energy is presented by the god for this world at a limited number. At present we are using energy at the highest number. The dependability of human on energy resources has emerged epidemically then it ever did. We cannot think even one day, not even a minute without these resources. Analysts predict that if the situation doesn’t change its track the day is not far when these resources will diminish.

The uprising consumption of energy does not only possess a threat to the energy reserve but also harms the global environment. Because of this the global surface is getting hotter day by day and the total environment is heating up. This may cause some greater disasters. Some sign of these are already seen by us.

Some forecasters believe that the third world war will held between the countries on the basis of energy resources. Predicting these from before many developed countries in the world are already in a race to preserve energy as before it shrinks. These things are making the crisis larger than before. We can see a uprising trend in the value of energy resources for last few years. These things are also making the livable cost of people higher to highest.

Can we look for an substitute???

Realizing the consequences of resource less world scientist has concentrated on looking for alternative ways of energy resources. After many years of research and development they have developed wind energy, solar energy, water energy to run through the every day human life. They have turned the unlimited resources to limited energy resources. But the use of these resources is still not widespread. Still now we have to depend on our regular energy resources. So scientists are still progressing on, how to utilize the energy resources to contribute more in the factor of productions? How to ensure a proper utilization to produce a greater factor of production?

We must understand the value of this unlimited resource – Energy. God has provided us this wealth, we shouldn’t be spendthrift in using this gift. We must think about our next generation. How could they survive in this world with all the modern amenities but without a simple drop of energy? How can we do this to our Childs? We must be cautious about slaying our resources. A single drop of these resources, a single caution less behavior may endanger our species, may put this world to an end.

How to Dress for Work – Dress for Success

dress for jobDressing for Success every day – Office Fashion for Men and Women

Dresses are one of the most important elements which reveal a person’s personality. Dress is said to be the only mean of knowing a person silently. Dress up says a man’s inner mind. Through proper dressing a man can prove his sobriety to others.

Dress in office….

Dressing I office is quite dissimilar to our casual dresses. In office everyone is always required to dress properly. A proper dress does not mean to wear new and fanatic shirts with glazes and costumes. Dresses in office should be well mannered and performing. In one word it should be like a Uniform.

When dressing improperly in office, think what it will look like if Barac Obama is in a casual dress in his office. How it will look like to you? Official costumes create impression in ones mind about achieving success achieving any heights. It freshens one’s mind and also create impression on others mind over a person. Of course if you don’t need success in your career or you are just present in your dad’s office you need not to wear any professional costumes.

When dressing in office do not think about your position in the office to consider your costumes. Be dressed like your boss, even try to wear be more professional then your boss. It will not degrade your position rather it will create additional impression.

Dresses for Men

The usual dress up for men in office always should be Formal Shirts, Formal pants, belts, Formal Shoes and Ties.

Try to get your shirt from any famous brand if you can afford. Especially, when you are at a new job. This will create some extra attention of everybody over you. This will also make you ambitious. Famous brands are like: Armani Emporium. If you can’t afford it then don’t try for it. Try to take your shirts from any local brand but make sure that is not o gloomy nor to ecstatic. Try to make it as much formal as you can. You should not wear any jeans or lavish pants in office. The pants should be as usual general. If you can manage a Blazer or coats then it’s better.

Dresses for Women

Dresses for women should not be like men as usual. A tailored suited blazer would be more perfect for a woman. This should be in compliance with a sheave shirt or any other formal shirts that a lady prefers. Pants can be any without Jeans, but make sure it is tight fitted with your legs. For this option tailored pant would be the good idea. Don’t try to make yourselves to costumed or too gloomy. Try to be simple with your attire but professional. Make sure you don’t look like you are in a party.

Dresses in casual days of office should not be so casual as well. In these days you are permitted to dress as usual. But don’t try to make your self look to dull. Do not think about coming in the office with snickers, rough appeared jeans pants with glazing shirts or T shirts. Try to make your dress simple but good looking. You do not need to wear ties/blazers but at least try to b with your shoes, as sandals are not at all good idea to be in the office.

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