2012 Toyota Sienna Review

Overview of the vehicle

In 2012, Toyota redesigned their Sienna Model to take it to a new height. The car has just been refurbished in the last year. It’s the minivan that has been ranked 7 among the 10 best mini vans in this year. With the more expedient and contented feature the car takes it affordable accommodation in the heart of people.

The current Sienna 2012 left the buyer with a wider range of choices unlike the previous version. It has got a four cylinder engine for those who love fuel efficient cars. The sport tuned suspension lets a driver drive more respectably and responsively. It has got a splitter DVD player for rear seated audience. The rear seats has got lounge chair with extra comfort and bending facilities which any families would adore.

The advanced v6 feature in Toyota sienna lets you accelerate well. It also promises a smooth ride and a four wheel drive. These four wheel drive is optimum for those who rides frequently through snow or rains or hilly roads. It is the most innovative feature for any mini van. Sienna can occupy up to eight people at a row.

The new Sienna comes with a five trim level. Its Base, Le, Se, Xle, and limited. All models in Sienna offer a front wheel drive while Le, XLE and limited offers all wheel drive. All the designs are made to be occupied for 8 persons while the base and limited offers seven passenger accommodations.

Interior of Toyota Sienna
2012 Toyota Sienna interior
The styling of Sienna basically comes from the other versions of Toyota. The total out look is similar to Wagon, the headlights are like Camry. It has an eighteen inch alloy wheel. A roof spoiler has been added and a rear window wiper is also available.

The front seat has been made with special comfort in Sienna to get suitable for long distances. But is misses the superior chairs like its immediate competitor Honda Odyssey. The rear second chair consists of captain’s comfort with an additional optional chair in the middle. That chair also slides. It is perfect when you place your child anywhere and to observe over him.

The usual Sienna offers you with technologies that are usual. It has four speaker stereo sounds with a DVP splitter. It does not offer any windows or I pod connectivity. But if you like to pay some more to customize your Sierra this can be refurbished from the garage. It can be added with Bluetooth and wireless surround sound. A 16.4 inch flipped down display can be added which has a two sided operating system.


To ensure the safety issue in new sienna the engineers has made active the following features:

• Standard & Stability control.
• Seven Airbags
• Active front head rests.
• Four wheel drive.

It scored superior by many insurance authority for its safety measures.

With a more inner wider space it makes Sienna a perfect Mini Van. But it is not that much wide when you want to park it in some squeezed places. Its interior and exterior designs made it perfect to fit easily with any places.

The new Sienna offers you with everything that you may need for your family. Have a perfect family ride with our new inclusion in Toyota’s Family.

2012 Chevrolet Sonic Review – video

Chevrolet Sony 2012Why to buy a used car?
Are you ready to check out a new car which trim our dreams and with modernized with all new amenities? Then Find out our new Chevrolet Sonic 2012. It is the most new and exceptional version been invented by Chevrolet ever. This is not just a car but a vision that you ever dreamt for, the target that we ever though to be achieved. Its European styling body finish, uplifting performance, 138 horsepower 1.4l turbocharged superficial engine lets you surf through the myth of riding in the bliss. With our new Sonic you just not take your passion to the road but also with the advanced driving technologies lets you ride with the safest satisfaction.

When we are saying about turbo boost engine the first thing that appears on your mind is performance. And yes, performance has widely been considered in designing the new Chevrolet Sonic. With our car you can feel triumphant on the road. The 1.8l engine erupts 138 super horsepower torque which lets you drive like a dream. This fabulous experience you get with an additional fuel efficiency feature which is unique for a power car like Sonic 2012. The new technology called variable valve timing (VVV) has been added with Sonic which makes it to run fuel efficiently.

While driving its important how it actually feels to you rather than other issues like safety and measurement. The new sonic is designed with advanced driving technologies that lets you drive like a car and sound like a bike. The dual cockpit design lets you have a sporty tone. You can have your driving experience more fanatic with heated front bucket seats, with leather coated steering on LTZ model specially. The more you drive the more you discovers what sonic actually brought for you.

What a car values to you if you don’t have the perfect multimedia settings withhold in it? Chevrolet has not named the car just to make it look like a car. It is something more to offer you with. The sonic gets some more advanced and acumen multimedia settings installed in it. Bluetooth, wireless audio streaming steep up your driving experience more than the average. There are many customized package to offer in our sonic car models. If you choose some packages you can get up to 6 speakers with audio CD player, Mp3 player, USB port, an audio jack and more. Listening in a sonic is more better as it includes a 130 channeled stereo sounded radio installed for you. So why are you waiting anymore?

The sonic yields a more comfortable and secure driving by its advanced driving control technologies. Driving in Sonic is more secured than any other model in Chevrolet. The engineering team has installed Standard Stabili Track, electronic Stabili features and ABS traction control which makes a care ultimately safe and sound to drive. The Stabili track features lets you track any slip immediately and turn back the car to its exact driving track instantly. So drive Safe, Run Fast & do fun with your new sonic experience.

See video :

Ford 2012 Shelby GT500 Review – photos and video

The Ford’s Special motor vehicle Team is now going more for the vehicle 2012 model, they are delivering the eventual race quality seating experience with elective steering for additional driver control.

Ford Shelby GT500 20112

Cars are of varying designs and demonstration. But some cars are never forgettable. It remains on the user mind for an indefinite period. They are supreme with their power, elegant with their design and marvelous with their look. These cars remain a dream to many car lovers or kept him swallowing for infinite period to have these cars. The Ford Shelby is that car which you always cherished for.

The new Ford Shelby GT500 20112 is built with extreme power to fit with racing activities. The 550 horse power mega car defeats all its old rivals and mark the road with its royal supervisory. The seats and steering are designed for driver friendly. The cutioned support in the back seat is designed to support the drivers when on a long stiffed trip. This makes any journey relaxing. According to their chide engineer the car is made to be perfect for long tours as it gives you underlying comfort and extreme speed.

The seats of recaro are made with special vehicle team support along with engineering team Mustang located in North America.

The Ford Shelby-2012 offers customer with an outstanding steering wheel to the drivers for experience a real driving through roughs. A driver who is new even can comply with the steering facilities as it is made adaptable. Moreover the authority allows user to choose steering from a wide pool of steering depending on individuals driving style and choice.

The accessibility to steering wheel facilities was only confined to Mustang series. But The Ford Shelby-2012 also got the advantage of having this adjustable and fashionable. But the support level is low in Ford Shelby than the other Mustang series cars.

The Ford Shelby got one thing unique and special for their customers. The engineers have designed three split modes for these cars so that the customer may choose one corresponding to any situation.

The Shelby is powered by a 5.4 liter supercharged v8 that produces 550 horse power and 510 pound feet of torque. Acceleration is made excellent. The super acceleration can blow you away with 4.4 second required time to hook up the speed level from zero to 60 mile per hour, requiring a time of 12.4 seconds to rise up the meter level at 116 kph. The car is also made to be fuel efficient. In city the rate is 15 mpg, in highway 23 mpg and 17 mpg in combined.
See car review video :

The too hot price tag of around $50000 dejected many car lovers as it surpassed its immediate rival more than double according to price tag. A Ford Mustang cost around $20,000 with its shabby and rough interior design.

But unlike Mustang Ford Shelby offers more than its price tags. Its supreme design with a thrilling view makes its superior to anyone. Its back seats are more practical than a corvette.

Ford Shelby offers a diverse safety package to its users. It includes disk brakes, traction control, stability control and front seat side airbags.

So, the new Ford Shelby GT-500 got everything that you ever dreamt for. This is the car made with the help of all modern amenities. No doubt, it will be a warm deathbed memory for those blessed to have one.

2011 Citroen C4 review – photos and video

2011 Citroen C4

Citroen C4 review

What you actually expect from a car? Its outlook, interior or exterior settings, Power to blow out the road or the durability? What is, if any cars offer you with more then you expect? New Citroen c4 marks the road with your all yearning and expectation. It entitles the most updated version then before. With holding all the previous dilemma and customers complaint Citroen C4 reveals its presence in the road to win over the heart of the customers.

Citroen comes with a standard Interior design and unique exterior surroundings. The new conversion of the design by the engineers makes Citroen more spacious and family friendly car then before. The dimension of Citroen is 4.33 Meter long, 1.79 meter wide and 1.49 meter in height. It gets 5 cm longer, 2 cm wider and 3 cm higher altitudes then it precedent version. The boot turns to a square shape with more spacious and easy loading solution.

Citron has a wider range of customized product to offer his customers. The Australian version offers eight different designs and manuals. It includes two petrol of 88 and 112kw, one diesel and 82 KW turbo diesels. The diesel will occupy with two gearboxes, one is six speeds manual and six speed robo manual. All the diesel system will include a micro hybrid auto start and stop system.

Though having all modern equipments and amenities the car is made to be fuel efficient by the engineers. Te design of the car is more aerodynamic than before which have energy saving tires and unexpectedly lower weights which is a contribution of using light weight materials in designing the car. The car is also said to be environment friendly as 15% of the materials used for building this car came from sustainable sources.

In addition to the prevailing automotive the new Citroen offers with extra relaxing and on board facilities. Boarding on Citroen has developed immeasurably that only the boarder can counts. The comfortable seat, royal interior design and auto adjustability of the air conditioned feature makes journey more congenial than ever. It enables the honorable users to finely adjust the color of the driving display. Some models of Citroen offer massage function in the front seat which makes it versatile to its design.

The Managing director of Citroen Corporation is very much optimistic with the new Citroen in their portfolio of products. She wants to state the car as a blessing optimization in this century. In a press briefing Linda said “The C4 is a very significant member of the range of vehicles we are launching”.

Safety issue has widely been considered in the new Citroen C4. the engineering team has included six airbags, ECS, Hill-start function and Emergency Break facilities in this new car. These advanced safety features makes this car won a rating of 5 out of 5 by EURO NCAP.

Citroen C4 video :

Considering all the features and specifications some experienced car driver extremely recommended The Citroen. According to the innovating team Citroen offers you something more than we offers. Discover The offers that a Citroen C4 is offering you by checking this out now!!!

2012 BMW M5 review – Ultimate Driving Machine videos

2012 BMW M5

The new members of BMW family smudge the automotive market recently with its roar and dual compatibility feature. The family is proud to instigate the car within the few years of the old version. This magic of this car slouches on its dual feature. In a business trip you can feel like relaxing in this car, but while in race it roars more than it yelled ever. The outstanding velocity with super featured acceleration makes it move swift and proficiently. This is not just your dream car rather than it is an aspirant that has appeared to beat the market.

The new BMW M5 is all set with its superior engine quality, marvelous exterior and interior designing, horizontal acceleration and promising in its safety features. It has beaten all other previous version of BMW family with its unique feature and surrounding facilities. Based on the customer survey in 2011 BMW has eliminated all its downsides and made it user friendly than ever.

The engine quality has enormously been improved in new BMW. For better driving experience it got turbo charged engine installed in it. The high absorbing 4.4 liter v8 unit turbo powered engine exhales stupendous 560 Horse Power at 6000-7000 RPM. Compared to previous version its output increased by 10% and torque increased by 30%.

The New BMW, though supervisory in look but put forth a wider ranging of activities. Within manufacturing of the engine the team tries to install sporty features to make it a dual doer. Its super powered engine can hook up the speed to 60 mph from zero speed in just 4.4 seconds and 124 MPH in just 13 seconds. The top speed has been limited by a limiter to 155 mph for safety issues and to ensure durability. But once you exit the limiter then you can enjoy a top speed up to 190 mph.

The braking system has been standardized which comes with a auto on or off facilities. Means the Engine will automatically close down when the car comes to a junction or in a traffic jam. It is superior for saving energy.

The car’s starting price is $90,695 in summer, 2012. Though the price is high it is not that much compared with his strength and supremacy.

You can see full BMW design from all angles :

Inside BMW M5 2012 :

2012 BMW M5 inside design
The interior designing has been modernized in this new feature of BMW. All the seats are leather coated with sporty look on mind. A display been added in the front seat without disturbing the driver while driving. Window buttons are capped with the series button M. The buttons in the steering wheel will let the driver to control cruise and telephone function within the car. The left handed drive car has now two M button open for the driver to furbish the car with two new look. M1 for sporty features and M2 for comfort set up.

2012 BMW M5 car on ice see video :

The new BMW M5 got more to offer than you initially expect. It is perfect on the busy city streets, superior in the race track. It has been tested in the rural Spain roads and Australian rough race tracks before it comes to your door. You can merely convey on a M5 for your racing partner or as a collaborator of your executive life.

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