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steve jobs ipadSteve jobs, full name Steven Paul Jobs was at a time a successful entrepreneur, an Innovator. He was an adopted child of Paul and Claura jobs. He grew up at Mountain View, California.

Steve’s Educational Life

He studied at school Cupertino California and high school was Homestead. He quite often visited Hewlet Packard organization in California after his regular lectures in school. Jobs got a part time job as a summer employee in his high school life. After the end of his high school life Jobs joined Reed College in Portland-Oregon. Jobs got expelled from the college in the very first semester although h attended auditing classes with his friends by sitting on the floor. He used to collect coke bottles to get his free meal everyday. After passing out from the college these ways he joined the University life. But right after some month he was expelled from his university along with his friend and later on business partner. These two then started their personal setup in a garage in their house. That was just the starting of the miracle.
steve jobs young
The innovation begins…..

Jobs and his friend first came with a miracle product from their garage setup named apple in the year of 1970. Within few more years they got able to launch personal computer for home and personal use. They named that computer Apple 2. Aplle two ruled the market and made people crazy about it. They just sold out first 200 lot apple 2 in just two days. Apple 2 ended his production in 1993, but by that time it sold 6 million copy of it.

Steve jobs planned to visit India from where he inspired to be Buddhist. He then returned home and joined with Atari where he found his school friend. He was assigned to built circuit board which he began to do with his friend Wozniak.

Reed collage - Portland

Reed collage Portland

Deriving the work experience with his friends Jobs invented Xerox’s parks mouse driven graphical interface. With this feature available in P.C people had some new experience in video and gaming.

Disruption in career

In 1985 jobs was fired from his company apple and immediately founded another computer company NEXT. Though the equipments was not so good here but still some of the innovation was later used in apple when he rejoined there.

In 1996 Apple bought Next and Jobs became the CEO of it. With the help of british born Jonathan Ive Jobs began to smarten up the wounded company with his valor and enthusiasm. He brought Imac in the market I 1998. After that success never steeped back from Apple. One by one Apple released Mp3 player, I Pod (2001), I Phone (2006), I Pad (2010). These whole innovations with a very loyal massive customer base made apple a whole online music place I store.

Steve Jobs Patents :
Steve Jobs Patents

See Steve Jobs Patents video :

Steve Jobs interviewed just before returning to Apple :

In 2003 jobs felt pancreatic cancer and went in surgery in 2004. After surgery though he got well but fell to seek again in 2009. After a six month leave from his work he again joined office but could not continue. He eventually resigned in August 2011 and died in October 5, 2011.

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