Whitney Houston Biography

Whitney Houston BiographyWhitney Houston Biography
Whitney Houston a popular singer has singer in his ancestors from her birth. Her mother was Cissy was a successful playback singer. She was younger of her three sisters. Dionee Warwick is her cousin and Aretha Franklin Grandmother.

Whitney was a singer and at the same time performed as a model too. She even did her graduation in Singing. She started her career in singing in gospel choir.

She was granted opportunity to record a label by Arista Records. With this opportunity she derived her first solo album “Saving my love to you” by Whitney Houston. She was awarded prestigious Grammy award for this album.

She experienced release of her second album named “Whitney”. This was the first album to be released by a woman. Whitney came into the top chart of the month along with the discussion topic of everybody in everywhere. He song “I wanna dance with you” became drastic popular in UK at a time.

Whitney’s sweeping flow of fame made it sure that she was likely to be called for recording the album which was being prepared for opening ceremony of Olympics in Los Angels.

Whitney’s esteem tends to cut after his concert in Nelson Mendela’s 70th birthday. She was criticized for performing alike a famous singer Prima Donna.

Whitney released another famous album for youngsters named “I am your baby tonight”. This album brought enough money but it was not enough for Whitney to get rid of the critics. At that time Whitney was out for a world tour which was also widely been criticized by US magazines.

After that Houston made an aggressive entry in the film line with the making of two super start movies named as, “The Bodyguard” and “I will always Love you”. The movie did hold number one position in the UK top chart for consecutive three weeks. This movie exterminated the criticism that was gong on with Whitney for quite a long period.

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In the year 1992 Houston decided to marry another popular singer Bobbi Brown. They had their first baby in the lap on 4th march, 1993. the name of the baby was “Bobby Kristian Houston brown”

In early 1990 Whitney again released a film named “Waiting an exhale”. She was in the leading character of this film. It earned 87 million and from the start of releasing it occupied the number 1 position. Houston was the sole producer of the soundtrack of her film. The songs “Exhale”, “Count on me”, “Why does it hurt so badly” remained in top 30 for a certain period.

In 1996 Houston appeared in a comedian movie “The Preacher” and “Wife” with Dannzel Washington. Houston was rewarded 10 million dollar for her character. With this money Houston secured the most valuable actor in USA and Africa.

In 2000, Whitney was again accused of carrying marijuana in her bag in Hawaii. She then left the academy award show in the last moment due to criticism by people about her poor preparation. On the same time greatest hit album “just whitney” was released but could not carry on that much of public attention due to turmoil in he private life.

Whitney confessed his drug abuse at a TV show in 2002. She went for cure in 2004 and again returned in the Bet anniversary show in 2005. She was looking gloomy but at least was better than the position of last 5 years.

Houston gradually began to re erecting her career. In 2007 she appeared in a song “family first” with co singer Dione Warwick as well as Cissy Houston.

Subsequently Houston Divorced Brown and took the full guardianship of her daughter.

Houston began her another world tour in 2010 right after 10 years. But the tour was not fruitful enough. She had several negative reviews by her friends. In some concerts her fans were seen to leave her concerts been dispirited.

In May 2011 Houston again began treatment of drug and alcohol. According to one of her agent she was preparing herself for one another film.

In May 2011 Houston got the right of making flim for the first time.

In 9th February Houston attended a Pre Grammy programme where she appeared very hoarsely.

The legend expired in 11 February, just the day before of the Grammy award. His body was found on the Bath right in the hotel room of Beverly Hills. The reason of his death is still unknown.

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